This section connects the dots and shows how different news stories play a role in the megatrends shaping the world today and tomorrow.

Four megatrends shaping the world:

Climate change
Global warming is raising sea levels and making weather events more extreme and unpredictable. We’re in a race to adapt and find ways to stop temperatures from rising. Here are news on climate change.

Technology advances
Fields like artificial intelligence and genetic engineering are changing how we live. New technologies promise solutions to humanity’s problems but also pose major challenges. Here are news on technology advances.

Population shifts
People are living longer and having fewer babies. There’re too few young workers to take the jobs left by retirees. Also, more people are migrating to cities and to other countries. Here are news on population shifts.

Political divisions
Rising powers such as China and India are challenging the US and Europe as global leaders. Changing international alliances and rivalries impact on trade, culture and war. Here are news on political divisions.